Squirrel Removal

Fast & Efficient Squirrel Removal in Austin, Houston, San Antonio & The Surrounding Areas

Witnessing a squirrel in your yard can be fun, but seeing them in your home is a completely different story. Squirrels can wreak havoc on your property in a matter of minutes. These rodents can easily find their way into your home through entryways such as an open window, a vent in your attic, or even through your chimney. Once they’re in, the mayhem begins. They will rip, claw, and bite everything in their way.

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If you suspect there may be a squirrel in your home, contact us today. Trapping a squirrel can be extremely difficult, frustrating and often dangerous, so it’s best to leave the squirrel removal up to our professional crew. We will trap the squirrel in a quick, safe and humane manner to try to eliminate any costly damage to your property. Once the squirrel is gone, we will help identify and seal any entryways to prevent the incident from reoccurring.