Rodent Removal

Expert Rat Removal in Austin, Houston, San Antonio & The Surrounding Areas

Have you been finding rat droppings or other signs that you may have a rodent infestation in your home? Critter One can help! We will get rid of rodents once and for all with our expert, safe and humane rodent removal services.

Common signs of a rodent problem

Rodents are perhaps one of the most common pests found in homes throughout Southwest Texas. At one point or another, many homeowners will find themselves having to deal with a rodent living on their property or in their homes. You may be tempted to deal with this problem on your own, but if you want rodent removal done fast and right, the experts at Critter One can get rid of those rodents for good!


Mice and rats can spread disease to you and your pets, contaminate your food and damage your property. Although sometimes difficult to detect, there are many signs of rodents that you should be on the lookout for, including:

  • Scurrying and squeaking in your walls
  • Chewed wires around the house
  • Chewed up furniture
  • Open boxes of food in your pantry
  • Mouse droppings

Our rodent removal services


Critter One, we provide integrated animal control and rat removal solutions. If you think you might be experiencing a rodent infestation, schedule an inspection with us today. We specialize in the removal of rats, mice and all types of rodents and we have over 25 years of rodent removal experience.


When we first come to your property, we will give it a thorough inspection from top to bottom to identify any and all areas affected by rodents. We will then get right to work, trapping and humanely removing all those pesky rodents, and treating your home to make sure they won’t come back. If you want rodent removal done right, contact us today.