Rodents a Menace

Rodents a Menace

With the seasonal changes, pests become a nuisance to us. Sometimes it could be ants or bees and also rodents.  The weather has a huge effect on what type of pests roam near you and their behavior

When the weather is hot pests look for a place to cool off. During dry weather pests need water to survive. Dry conditions will send pests scurrying into your home or business looking for water. Cold weather makes the pest visit homes for warmth and shelter. Mosquitoes, stick bugs, termites, cockroaches, etc. love wet weather as they thrive in wet conditions.

Rodents love to sneak into the smallest spaces and create damage through the entire building. They chew into walls, gnawing on electrical wires and leaving their droppings behind. Rodents cause damages if left to freely roam inside the property. Rodents are difficult to see as they hide in dark surroundings and only come out at night. Little black pellet-like droppings are the first indication of rodents inside your premises. However, finding chewed-up wires or gnawed on wood is another indicator. Some noises like light squeaking or a rustling side within the walls; floor or ceiling can be heard. If they are out in the daytime, chances are you will see them.

Snakes are vulnerable to lower temperatures as they brumate during the winter. Cold temperatures can not only kill snakes, but they can also leave them sluggish, which makes them slower to catch prey and outrun predators. Snakes are a common problem during the winter season for homeowners because they are trying to find a place to stay warm. This means that most snakes are found in basements, attics, sheds, and garages.

The breeding season makes your home or business a very desirable place for wildlife to safely raise their young. A loose bit of soffit, or minor wood damage on the fascia, becomes an invitation for pests. a minor damaged edge makes a squirrel take that opportunity and chew a hole sufficient to enter. A raccoon finds this inviting to enter.

Raccoons can wreak havoc on anything stored in the attic, picking a specific area to use as a bathroom, like a litter box is a habit of Racoons. This causes stains, bad odor and can even cause ceiling collapse! Another big menace is bats and birds. Any uncapped chimney, chimney swifts are a perfect place for them.

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