Protect Your Spooky Decorations From Critters


Retiring your Halloween decorations can be sad for some, but can you imagine the surprise of discovering holes chewed in your figurines next year? Here are a few tips on how to protect your seasonal decorations from rodents:

Use Sealed Containers

When storing your decorations away for next year, be sure to use plastic tubs and containers when you can instead of cardboard or other materials. This keeps critters and pests out and prevents your decorations from becoming a home for them as well.

Avoid Clutter

Be sure to fold table runners and other cloth materials neatly, and keep your decorations in order to avoid clutter. Ants, squirrels, and roaches are attracted to clutter and seek out spaces where they can hide away to keep warm during the colder months.

Empty Your Treats

Don’t forget to look twice for candy and especially empty wrappers, as this can be both an attractant and food source for critters and pests. The more abundant a food source is, the longer pests and critters will stay in a space, possibly leading to infestation in your attic, shed, or garage.

Happy Halloween!

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