Professional Raccoon Removal

Professional Raccoon removal in San Antonio TX. For a FREE HOME INSPECTION Call Critter One Animal Control. Critter One Animal Control stands behind their Raccoon Removal Process with a 15-Month Home Exclusion Guarantee. If by any chance these Critters return within the 15 Month Guarantee, Critter One Animal Control’s team will come back out and remedy the problem at No Charge.
Raccoon Removal from Home Attic

If you hear scratching noises in your Attic and suspect that you might have raccoons or other Wildlife, please do not try to trap or remove Raccoons or any other wildlife on your own. Mother Raccoon, often leave their young for a short time to search for food and water. If by chance the Mother was to be removed and relocated, it would leave the babies Raccoon to starve and decompose in their nest. Raccoons often make their nest under decks or patios, in home attics, and garages

Nesting Raccoons can cause extreme damages to Air Ducts, Insulation and electrical wiring. Raccoon feces and urine have a pungent odor, and they may carry diseases. Feces must be properly removed and the area treated to prevent the spreading of diseases. Allow Critter One to present a No Charge step by step Raccoon removal process to rid your home or office of these cute but pesky Raccoons.