No Return Policy

No Return Policy

At Critter One of San Antonio, LLC, we value transparency and strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. We want to ensure that all our policies are clearly understood to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes. Therefore, we have implemented the following No Return Policy, which applies to all our customers:


           All Sales Are Final: We do not offer refunds or returns on any deposits, products or services purchased from Critter One of San Antonio, LLC. Once a transaction is completed, it is considered final. We strongly encourage our customers to review their purchases carefully before making a decision.

Residential Customers

           50% Upfront Payment: For residential services, we require full payment in advance before initiating any work. We will not proceed with any residential projects unless the customer has paid 50% for the requested service.

Commercial Customers

           30-Day Payment Terms: For commercial clients, we provide the option to pay within 30 days of receiving the service. However, certain conditions apply, and a written agreement must be in place for this arrangement.

Refund Policy

We understand that exceptional circumstances may warrant a refund, and we have outlined the specific scenarios in which we may consider providing a refund:


           A. Pre-Service Cancellation: If a customer requests a refund within three days of signing up for a service and we have not yet provided the service, we will review the refund request.


           B. Poor Service Quality: In the event that we have performed the service and it does not meet our company standards or the agreed-upon specifications, we will consider a refund. However, the specific definition of poor service quality will be determined by Critter One of San Antonio, LLC on a case-by-case basis.


           C. Customer Rights Violation: If a customer threatens legal action, such as leaving negative reviews, pursuing a lawsuit, reporting to the Better Business Bureau, or involving the media, and it is determined that we are at fault, we may consider a refund as a means of resolving the issue.

Refund Procedure

If a refund is deemed appropriate under the above circumstances, the following steps must be followed for the customer to receive a refund:


           1. Home Inspection: A manager from Critter One of San Antonio, LLC will inspect the property in the presence of the customer to assess the work performed and the situation at hand.


           2. Work Removal: The customer must allow us to dismantle and remove any products or materials that were installed during the service.


           3. Animal Release: If any wildlife was removed from the property or placed in the attic during the service, the customer must agree to have the animals released back onto the property or in the attic.


We believe that these conditions are fair and prevent individuals from taking advantage of our services. By reiterating these three essential requirements, we have observed that customers who simply seek a refund without valid reasons often reconsider their decision.


At Critter One of San Antonio, LLC we are committed to providing high-quality services and maintaining customer satisfaction. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding our No Return Policy. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.