How Your Patio Attracts Pests

There’s nothing better than sitting outside on your patio enjoy an evening in the Fall, except a patio that is pest-free. Here are a few ways your patio may be welcoming pests instead of deterring them:

Bright, White Bulbs

Having bright, white bulbs in your outdoor area is an attractant for flying insects like flies, moths, and many others. Replacing these blubs with more yellow or orange colored bulbs, like sodium vapor lights, will help attract fewer insects.

Non-Citronella or Citrus Candles or Torches

Just like light, fire and smoke are other attractants for insects. Replace candles with citrus-scented candles to rid your outdoor area of flies and mosquitos. Are you a fan of torches? Make sure to buy citronella-burning torches for your outdoor area for double the pest-fighting power.


Water Features

Do you have a water feature in your outdoor area? Standing water and stagnant water are breeding grounds for mosquitos. With the ability to reproduce in as little water as a bottlecap-full, birdbaths and pet water bowls could be the reason for your insect problem.

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