When To Worry About Animals In Your Yard

Seeing critters in your backyard can be exciting, but when should you worry?

Outside Pets

If you have pets that stay outside in your yard, critters can pose a potential danger. Keeping your pet’s food outside can attract critters who are hungry and looking for food. Make sure to clean up all dropped food and use tightly sealed containers if so.

Holes or Burrows

If you start to notice holes or burrows in your yard, animals like gophers, moles, and rabbits could be making their home outside yours. While having this wildlife living in your yard may not sound harmless, however, these critters can cause damage to foundation and plumbing.

Predatory Wildlife

Animals like rabbits and squirrels are prevalent around the Texas Hill Country, but so are predatory animals like coyotes that prey on these critters. From time to time, even mountain lions have been spotted in Bexar County.

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